This delightful and winsome breed is a mix of a Havanese and a Miniature or Toy Poodle, and sometimes a Standard Poodle. The Havapoo is also known as a Poovanese, Havadoodle, Havanoodle, or an Island Mini Doodle. Due to the Havapoo being a smaller breed they would do fine living in an apartment, and are also a good choice for first time dog parents. However, they are very sensitive and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone too long. Charming and lovable, the Havapoo would be a devoted family member. They love children but having an adult present would be advisable due to the breed being fragile, and vulnerable to becoming injured. They do get along with other pets and strangers but proper socialization and training is suggested, and they are easy to train. Heat isn’t really an issue due to their being half Havanese, which originated from Spain and then from Havana, Cuba. Havapoos have a strong tendency to play, and need lots of love and snuggling, and a desire to be with their human families. They are a low shedder and low drooler, and are easy to groom. Havapoos normally range in height from 8-15 inches, and typically weigh 7-30 pounds, but they do have a propensity to gain weight. Their energy level is in the middle of the road range, and at least an hour walk plus indoor playtime would be helpful. Havapoos are usually a variety of colors such as white, tan, gray, silver, apricot, black, and brown. Their coat can be thick and curly, or long and sleek, it just depends on which parent the dog takes after genetically. Their coat does seem to grow fairly quickly so a trim would be needful every few months. Havapoos require daily brushing as well as baths every few weeks. Their nails need to be trimmed every month, and their ears checked weekly, as well as their teeth brushed a few times a week. Overall, they are a generally healthy breed and with care and love they can live a long and happy life.

Each dog breed can be prone to develop certain diseases or conditions, be sure to research your specific breed before making a purchase to ensure you´re prepared for any challenges that may arise. This information is only a generalization and we make no guarantees on any breed related to personality, appearance, or typical health characteristics.