Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are an extremely popular and recognizable breed. They have a warm, charming, sweet personality which makes it easy to see why so many people adore this breed. They are naturally athletic and are commonly used in different work environments such as law enforcement, and as therapy service dogs. Golden Retrievers are very adaptable and can fit right in with any family. They bond well with their owners and will become very loyal and protective of those they cherish. These dogs are some of the friendliest and typically know no stranger. Whether playing with children, or socializing with other dogs, a well trained Golden Retriever will be demonstrative and love affection from just about anyone. Their intelligence and desire to please their owners makes them fairly easy to train. Golden Retrievers will appreciate an environment where they get a great deal of attention, as they do not tolerate being left alone. Their high energy level and playfulness means they require a great deal of exercise. They make incredible pets and have a goofy personality, often keeping their puppy-like traits even as they get older. Their physical and mental needs necessitate that they live indoors with their family where they will receive a good amount of affection. Golden Retrievers have long, golden hair, and usually weigh 55 to 75 pounds, and are typically 21 to 24 inches tall. Although the breed is relatively large, and may bark when someone comes, they are not considered good watch dogs because of how sociable they are to everyone. They do need a great deal of care and grooming to maintain their beautiful coats. This gorgeous breed does shed profusely and requires a great deal of brushing to keep their fur healthy, as well as to avoid becoming matted. Golden Retrievers are considered a “mouthy” dog, which means they love to chew something. It would also be important to give them plenty of toys to play with so this does not turn into destructive behavior. With routine veterinary visits, love, and care your precious pup should live a long and happy life.

Each dog breed can be prone to develop certain diseases or conditions, be sure to research your specific breed before making a purchase to ensure you are prepared for any challenges that may arise. This information is only a generalization and we make no guarantees on any breed related to personality, appearance, or typical health characteristics